Core Injury Surveillance

The Injury Surveillance Program uses many data sources that allow us to assess and describe the overall burden of injury in Massachusetts. These include:

MA Vital Records - Death Data
MA Hospital Discharge Database
MA Outpatient Observation Stay Database
MA Emergency Department Discharge Database
MA State Trauma Registry
Weapon Related Injury Surveillance System
MA Violent Death Reporting System
MA Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Fatality Analysis Reporting System

Analyzing these data sources allow us to examine and identify different groups at risk for specific injuries such as:

  • Drownings
  • Bicycles
  • Dog bites
  • Falls
  • Fire and burns
  • Firearms
  • Homicide and Assaults
  • Motor vehicle traffic crashes
  • Pedestrian injuries
  • Poisonings and overdoses
  • Suicide and Self-inflicted injuries
  • Suffocations

and many other injuries.

For further information or to place a data request call ISP at 617-624-5648 or email us at

Massachusetts Violent Death Reporting System (MAVDRS)

The Massachusetts Violent Death Reporting System is maintained within ISP. It collects and links data on all violent deaths within MA occurring on or after January 1, 2003. This standardized database is part of the National Violent Death Reporting System developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It includes detailed information on all homicides, suicides, unintentional firearm deaths, and deaths of undetermined intent. Understanding the complex circumstances of these injury deaths will provide useful information for the development of prevention strategies. For further information or data call: 617-624-5663 or email us at:

Weapon Related Injury Surveillance System (WRISS)

WRISS is an emergency department-based system managed and maintained by ISP. It captures data on persons treated for gunshot or assault-related sharp instrument wounds. All Massachusetts acute care hospitals report to WRISS using a standardized form. The system has been collecting statewide data since 1994. Data are analyzed and results are disseminated to injury prevention professionals, law enforcement personnel, and health and medical staff throughout the Commonwealth. Combined WRISS data are available on MassCHIP - the Department's web-based health-related data warehouse. For more information or data, call ISP at 617-624-5648. To order WRISS reporting forms, contact the WRISS Hospital Coordinator at 617-624-5668 or email us at:

STOP Injury

Surveillance to Optimize the Prevention of Injury project (STOP Injury) is funded through a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This project aims to enhance the effectiveness of injury prevention and data activities within the Massachusetts Department of Public Health by integrating prevention and surveillance efforts. It strengthens and broadens the traditional partnerships working to prevent injury events. It uses data to establish processes that assist in prioritizing injuries, developing interventions, and conducting evaluations. Massachusetts Prevent Injuries NOW! Network (MassPINN) was established as part of the integration process. It is a group comprised of injury prevention professionals throughout the state and nationally who collaborate to identify solutions to the problem of injury. Priorities are set using the DPH state plan "Maximizing our Efforts: The Massachusetts State Injury Prevention Plan". For more information visit the Department's Injury Prevention and Control Program . For more information or data, call ISP at 617-624-5648.

This information is provided by the Injury Prevention and Control Program within the Department of Public Health.