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Mass in Motion is made up of several components, which includes:

  • Communities: The Municipal Wellness and Leadership Grant Program, which provides grant funding and technical assistance to over 60 cities and towns to engage in community-based obesity prevention efforts
  • Worksites: Working on Wellness, a Workplace Wellness Program which works with employers to develop an infrastructure that best addresses the needs of individual employers and employees
  • Childcare: MA Children at Play, a childcare program which improves the nutrition and physucal activity policies and practices in preschool settings
  • Schools:
    • School BMI Screenings, a state regulation which requires MA school districts to screen students for overweight and obesity
    • School Nutrition Standards, a state regulation which requires foods served in schools to meet certain nutrition standards
  • Statewide Regulations: MA Nutrition Standards for State Agencies require state agencies which provide food as part of their client services to follow specific nutrition standards when purchasing and serving foods and beverages

This information is provided by the Department of Public Health.