Gloucester is home to America’s firs seaport, and is a leader for healthy initiatives in Massachusetts as a Mass in Motion community. The Get Fit Gloucester! Partnership includes civic leaders, city and school staff, community organizations, medical providers and businesses working together to create a “Fit Friendly Gloucester”. These partners work to build community awareness for the need to support more active lifestyles and increase the availability of healthy and affordable foods. The overall goals of Get Fit Gloucester! include increasing rates of physical activity of all types and consumption of healthier foods.  Gloucester has been working to improve the built environment since 2009, using healthy community design tactics to improve streets and sidewalks. Gloucester is also expanding farmers’ markets, working with local corner stores to offer healthier options, creating school and community gardens, and creating safe parks and recreational facilities.

Recently, Gloucester was awarded the Golden Shoe Award for their impressive work creating a walkable community. The city has increased funding for sidewalk construction from zero to over $300,000, created the Harborwalk as a means to promote walkability around Gloucester's waterfront, and developed GloucesterWalks maps with WalkBoston. In addition, Gloucester has developed a Complete Streets Plan, identifying gaps in existing sidewalk networks that will be addressed soon.



Stephen Winslow
Community Development Dept
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This information is provided by the Department of Public Health.