Holyoke became a Mass in Motion community in 2011, and is working with the Holyoke Food and Fitness Policy Council, a Kellogg Foundation-funded initiative to create opportunities that make healthy eating and active living easier for residents. To do this, Holyoke Mass in Motion is working with schools to create safe routes to school and improve food served during the day by implementing the school nutrition standards. Holyoke is also working with local farmer’s markets to expand acceptance of SNAP benefits so that more people have access to fresh, healthy foods. To further improve access to healthy foods, Holyoke is participating in the Healthy Markets initiative, which works with local corner stores to offer healthier foods and drinks. Lastly, Holyoke Mass in Motion is committed to improving the built environment using healthy community design tactics.

Website: www.holyoke.org/news/holyoke-mass-in-motion

Matt Lustig
Mass in Motion Coordinator
(413) 322-5575

This information is provided by the Department of Public Health.