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Mass in Motion’s Municipal Wellness and Leadership Program is made up of 27 programs representing 60 cities and towns from around the Commonwealth that are working to make the healthy choice the easy choice. As part of the Mass in Motion program, communities work locally to increase opportunities for residents to eat better and move more in the places they live, learn, work, and play.

By increasing opportunities for healthy eating and active living, Mass in Motion is creating healthier communities, and a healthier a Commonwealth.

Download the Municipal Wellness and Leadership Program fact sheet pdf format of Municipal Wellness & Leadership Program Fact Sheet
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Healthy Eating

To help you eat better, Mass in Motion Communities:

  • Work with local Restaurants,  Convenience Stores and Food Pantries to offer healthier food and drink options
  • Help vending and concessions sell and promote healthier food and drink options
  • Partner with local governments and community organizations to offer spaces for residents to grow and eat fresh local produce 
  • Improve school nutrition by working with local schools to offer healthier food options to students
  • Work with Farmer’s Markets to offer affordable, local foods to the community

Active Living

To help you move more, Mass in Motion communities:

  • Build in time for physical activity during school
  • Conduct park audits to assess safety and appeal of parks
  • Conduct walk audits to identify improvements to make streets safer for all.
  • Improve existing parks, playgrounds, and open spaces by cleaning up litter, increasing the number of trash receptacles, improving lighting, and removing graffiti
  • Open up school and community spaces during the evenings and weekends for physical activity programming
  • Create safer routes to and from schools so that more children can walk and bike

Designing Healthy Communities

Mass in Motion communities are designing healthy communities by:

  • Conducting Health Impact Assessments (HIAs) to understand how community projects, plans, or policies can affect us and our health
  • Following “Complete Streets” policies that make roads safe and enjoyable for all users by installing safe bike lanes, bike racks, easy-to-follow signage, and safe crosswalks
  • Preserving open space and developing recreational space and community centers where people can gather and socialize
  • Improving and cleaning up existing green space and parks

This information is provided by the Department of Public Health.