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Joint use is a way to increase opportunities for children and adults to be more physically active. Many Mass in Motion communities are working towards Joint Use Agreements for their city/town.

Joint Use Agreement (JUA) refers to two or more entities — usually a school and a city/town or private organization — sharing indoor and outdoor spaces like gymnasiums, athletic fields, courts, tracks and playgrounds. The concept is simple: share resources to keep costs down and communities healthy.

City and town governments can partner with school districts through JUAs to address these concerns.

JUAs can range in scope from relatively simple (e.g., opening school playgrounds to the public outside of school hours) to complex (allowing community individuals and groups to access all school recreation facilities, and allowing schools to access all city/town recreation facilities).

Just as there is no one model JUA, there is no single method to develop an agreement. Successful JUAs require a lot of thought, effort, and cooperation to reach agreement on a range of issues.

Many communities are using JUA’s as a way to increase physical activity in children, by opening up school gyms on weeknights and weekends. Learn more about Springfield’s Joint Use Agreement pdf format of Opening the Doors of Springfield Gyms
doc format of                             Opening the Doors of Springfield Gyms                .


This information is provided by the Department of Public Health.