Kids at this age have their own set of feeding abilities and challenges.

Some kids might be able to help out in the kitchen at this age. Certain milestones are easy to recognize as children become more skilled in eating and developing healthy habits.

Preschool portions are smaller than adult portions. ChooseMyPlate Plan for your Preschooler has information about how much your child might need to eat. Child-size portions are often smaller than we realize. Check out this child- sized plate from New York to get an idea of what foods and what sizes work best for your child.

Picky Eaters

Some kids at this age might be picky eaters.


More information

Explore ChooseMyPlate for more on what's happening at this age.

Check out some ideas for snacks.

Physical Activity is just as important as nutrition in keeping your child healthy.

This information is provided by the Department of Public Health.