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Does Your Employer Have a Workplace Wellness Program?

Having a healthier workforce benefits both employers and employees.  There is expanding evidence that worksite wellness programs not only improve individual employee health but companies with the most effective health and productivity management programs realize:

  • 11% higher revenue per employee,
  • Lower medical trends by 1.2%,
  • 1.8 fewer days absent per employee, and
  • 28% higher shareholder returns.

Use these Cost Calculators pdf format of cost-calculators.pdf
rtf format of cost-calculators.rtf to figure out how much you could save by implementing a workplace wellness initiative within your workplace.

If your employer doesn't have a Worksite Wellness Program, ask them to start one.

You can start by using the 2008 Worksite Health Improvement Survey pdf format of worksite-survey.pdf
doc format of worksite-survey.doc. It is a tool to assess the existing policies, practices, and environmental supports that promote and protect health and well-being at your worksite.

Want to see how your worksite compares to other Massachusetts employers, by business size and/or industry sector? Download a copy of Creating a Culture of Health: Organizational Approaches to Protecting and Promoting Employee Health pdf format of worksite-survey-report.pdf
file size 5MB doc format of worksite-survey-report.doc file size 1MB .

Also, talk to your employer about:

  • Offering exercise options like yoga, dance or walking clubs
  • Stocking healthy choices in vending machines and at on-site cafeterias
  • Bringing a Weight Watchers at Work program on-site for employees interested in losing weight
  • Partnering with local gyms to offer subsidized membership to off-site physical activity facilities
  • Promoting walking meetings or physical activity breaks during meetings
  • Celebrating monthly Walk/Ride Days at your workplace
  • Starting an employee walking program
  • How to Build a Tobacco-Free Workplace pdf format of Build a Tobacco-Free Workplace: An Employer’s Toolkit
doc format of Build a Tobacco-Free Workplace: An Employer’s Toolkit

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