Massachusetts hospitals are required to report burns covering 5% or more of the body to the State Fire Marshall in the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services. Data collected by the Massachusetts Burn Injury Reporting System are used to help law enforcement personnel identify arsonists. The data are also used to identify problems that need to be addressed by public education. Information about who in Massachusetts is burned and how is used to develop and implement burn prevention programs. Over 350 burns were reported to M-BIRS in 2002, approximately 11% of the reported burns were work-related. OHSP works closely with M-BIRS staff in tracking work-related burns and conducts case follow-up activities to address burn hazards in the workplace. OHSP also conducts follow-up of serious cases of work-related carbon poisoning, which are reportable to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Reporting Cases of Work-related Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Burns

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This information is provided by the Occupational Health Surveillance Program within the Department of Public Health.