BLOCK Oral Disease Toolkit

The BLOCK Oral Disease educational materials and training are designed to educate child health providers on oral health topics, with a particular focus on the oral health needs of children with special health care needs. Oral health is integral to every child's overall health, growth, development, and well-being. Children with special health care needs are identified as a population at a higher-risk for developing oral diseases that can significantly influence their quality of life.

The Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for child health providers that offers an overview of oral health, including but not limited to oral disease etiology, a pictorial digest of oral diseases as they relate to systemic diseases, multi-lingual anticipatory guidance for parents and caregivers, as well as other useful tools to assist child health providers incorporate oral health into their medical practice.

Fluoride Varnish Trainings

MassHealth now reimburses certain categories of health providers for applying fluoride varnish, a topical fluoride, on the teeth of children with a moderate to high-risk for tooth decay. These health providers must complete a MassHealth approved training on fluoride varnish application before they can bill for this service. The BLOCK Oral Disease training offered by the Office of Oral Health is an approved training.

The BLOCK Oral Disease-Fluoride Varnish Training is now available online.

If you have questions about this online training, or you are a health provider and would like to host an in-person BLOCK-Fluoride Varnish Training and/or you would like to learn more about the BLOCK Oral Disease Toolkit, please contact us at 617-624-5943 or

This information is provided by the Oral Health within the Department of Public Health.