In addition to ongoing programmatic support of CHW services and training, and capacity-building initiatives to strengthen CHW workforce development, DPH promotes the engagement of CHWs to its partners and grantees. CHWs work in a variety of DPH programs ranging from HIV/AIDS treatment and sexual assault prevention to youth violence prevention and community-based primary care. DPH provides policy guidance and technical assistance on engaging CHWs to other state agencies, community-based organizations and others, through the Office of Community Health Workers.

Department of Public Health CHW Initiatives

  • Office of Community Health Workers
  • Massachusetts Partnership for Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention — Coordinated chronic disease coalition designed to reduce chronic disease in Massachusetts. The state plan created seven communities of practice to address its primary objectives.
  • Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund – A $60 million four-year program established by the Legislature in 2012 through payment reform legislation. Grants were awarded to nine community-based partnerships to help fight chronic illness and improve health outcomes while reducing health care costs, focused in four primary areas: hypertension, smoking, falls prevention among older adults and pediatric asthma. Each partnership includes CHWs in some capacity.

Other Massachusetts Resources and Support

This information is provided by the Office of Community Health Workers within the Department of Public Health.