• Mission

    The mission of the Office of Youth and Adolescent Development (OAHYD) is:

    • To implement strategies to enhance the overall health of youth, adolescents and young adults, ages 10 to 24
    • To promote services and policies that are formed from a holistic youth development approach
    • To create partnerships with state, federal, foundation, academic and statewide organizations across a broad range of adolescent health issues

    Who Benefits

    In FY10, the Office of Adolescent Health and Youth Development, in partnership with the Governor's Statewide Youth Council hosted the biannual Connecting for Change statewide youth summit serving over 600 young people and 100 adult allies.

    What We Do

    • OAHYD supports linkages with health care providers, policy and program developers, youth, families, state agencies and community networks.
    • OAHYD works to ensure that youth are recognized as valuable and integral resources in the development of all health-related programs and policies.
    • OAHYD promotes increased awareness and public support for the unique contributions youth can and do make to healthy communities.


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    This program is a part of the Division of Health Access .

    Program Personnel

    Contact Information

    Jill Clark
    Acting Director, Office of Adolescent Health
    Sexual and Reproductive Health Program
    Massachusetts Department of Public Health
    250 Washington Street, 5th Floor
    Boston, MA 02108
    phone: 617-624-6067
    fax: 617-624-6062
    TTY: 617-624-5992
    email: Jill.Clark@State.MA.US

    This information is provided by the Division of Health Access within the Department of Public Health.