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The MDPH Sexual and Reproductive Health Program supports the success of Massachusetts health reform by helping to enroll and transition uninsured clients into publicly-funded insurance and safety net programs. The program also provides critical family planning services to clients who are unable to stay insured throughout the year due to changing work and life circumstances, or who need confidential care.

Despite the success of health care reform, tens of thousands of clients continue to need access to MDPH-funded Family Planning Programs. While overall insurance rates have dramatically improved, not all Massachusetts residents are able to access continuous or comprehensive coverage that meets their sexual and reproductive health care needs, or the high quality standard of culturally competent, confidential health services that are provided by their local MDPH-funded Family Planning Program. Fortunately, the MDPH Sexual and Reproductive Health Program and funded agencies across the state continue to provide technical assistance and training to replicate this standard of care across other service systems.

The MDPH Sexual and Reproductive Health Program continues to work with Ibis Reproductive Health and other members of the MA Women’s Health Coalition (which was co-founded by several members of the REaDY Initiative and includes local health care providers and organizations) to monitor the ongoing impact of health care reform on low-income women and young adults’ access to sexual and reproductive health services in Massachusetts.

Data and Reports

This information is provided by the Sexual and Reproductive Health Program (SRHP) within the Department of Public Health.