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Historically, multiple bureaus and programs at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health have worked to prevent the negative consequences of unhealthy relationships and sexual risk behaviors.

As a key primary prevention strategy to improve sexual health and well-being for all, the MDPH Healthy Relationships and Healthy Sexuality (HR/HS) Working Group was convened to promote and support multi-disciplinary efforts, not only to prevent negative health outcomes, but also to promote positive, healthy relationships and sexuality.

HR/HS Working Group Mission

  • To support the integration of multi-disciplinary programming, practices and policy.
  • To provide resources for understanding data trends and implementing promising practices, to support health promotion, risk reduction and disease prevention efforts.
  • To promote positive sexual development across the lifespan in order to improve the health and well-being of all Massachusetts residents.


Newly revised for 2014, the Healthy Relationships, Sexuality and Disability Resource Guide is now available in both color and black and white, (as well as a modifiable Microsoft Word document) to help connect people living with disabilities with valuable health information.  A promotional guide is also attached to help you share these resources via social media, program websites and communications.

Related Programs

The promotion of healthy relationships, healthy sexuality, and sexual health requires a knowledge base grounded in family planning, infectious disease (including HIV/AIDS, STI, and viral hepatitis) prevention and treatment, substance use and abuse prevention and treatment, and violence prevention and intervention. Related programs at MDPH include:

This information is provided by the Sexual and Reproductive Health Program (SRHP) within the Department of Public Health.