Family Planning Programs are funded to provide the following low or no cost services to low-income residents in MA. For more information about how to access these services, you may:

Clinical Services May Include

  • Counseling and education on sexual communication and healthy relationships, reproductive life planning, reproductive anatomy and physiology, fertility, and all of the following services provided
  • complete gynecological and breast exams
  • cervical cancer screening and follow-up
  • diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
  • emergency contraception
  • birth control
  • pregnancy testing and options counseling
  • follow-up and referral for identified medical problems
  • preconception care
  • HIV counseling and testing, on-site at some agencies and by referral at others
  • HPV and other vaccinations, on-site at some agencies and by referral at others

Education, Technical Assistance and Outreach Services May Include

  • classes or workshops on reproductive health, sexuality, and STD and HIV prevention
  • training and resources for parents, teachers, health care providers and other professionals
  • participation in community health fairs, events and media campaigns
  • participation in community coalitions
  • collaboration with other organizations serving high-risk populations

Clinical Wraparound Services May Include

  • translation assistance
  • transportation assistance
  • other services that improve client access to clinical services

Contact your local MDPH-funded Family Planning Program to find out which services are available in your community.

This information is provided by the Family Planning Program within the Department of Public Health.