Purpose of the Regulations

Promulgated in 1993, these regulations apply to every public and private school in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The purpose of 105 CMR 210.000 is to provide minimum standards for the safe and proper administration of prescription medications to students in the Commonwealth's public and private primary and secondary schools. The aim of 105 CMR 2I0.000 is to ensure that students requiring prescription medication administration during the school day will be able to attend school and to ensure that prescription medications are safely administered in schools. 105 CMR 210.000 encourages collaboration between parents or guardians and the school in this effort.

Overview of the Regulations

105 CMR. 210.000 requires school nurse management and oversight of the prescription medication program, while defining requirements for prescription medication administration in a range of areas:

  • Policy development
  • Responsibilities of the school nurse
  • Licensed provider medication order
  • Parental consent
  • Self-administration
  • Training of unlicensed school personnel
  • Handling, storage and disposal of prescription medications
  • Documentation and record-keeping
  • Administration of epinephrine
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This information is provided by the School Health Services within the Department of Public Health.