The Office of Statistics and Evaluation (OSE) provides performance management and decision support services throughout the Center using data analytics, survey work and evaluation studies. OSE assists the Bureau's Directors and program managers with their oversight and management via evaluation and surveillance studies. Some studies are contracted while some are performed within OSE. Regardless of where the analytic work is conducted, OSE staff coordinate all data analytic efforts across the Bureau to connect and build a cohesive, high performance analytic infrastructure that is efficient and supports the operational needs of the programs, initiatives and activities within the Bureau

Key Outcomes

Statistical information that accurately describes and forecasts population group service needs is a key outcome. Another outcome includes performance measurement work to guide program monitoring and management. Evaluation services assist in quality improvement efforts and in federal grant reporting.


The Office of Statistics and Evaluation (OSE) is a knowledge center that provides leadership in the following areas:

  • health needs assessment and surveillance projects
  • DPH data collection and program evaluation
  • health statistics interpretation

Our services provide the Center for Community Health with the best available data on which to base programmatic and policy decisions for the health of Massachusetts residents. Data is also disseminated to the public, state and federal officials and the public health community. OSE maintains its commitment to providing superior services by continuously advancing our technical expertise and professional collaborations.

Contact Information

Thomas Land, PhD

Office of Statistics and Evaluation
Center for Community Health
250 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02108
Telephone: (617) 624-5131
Email: Thomas.Land@state.ma.us

This information is provided by the Office of Statistics and Evaluation within the Department of Public Health.