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Massachusetts Working on Wellness is a new statewide initiative funded by the Massachusetts Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund (PWTF). This program offers training and technical assistance, seed funding and support services to employers seeking to launch a wellness program at their worksite.

Employers that participate in Working on Wellness will receive:

  • Ongoing technical assistance and capacity building support from people with extensive experience working with businesses on worksite wellness
  • A cohort model that provides businesses with a learning community
  • Seeding funding to support the launch and sustainability of the program
  • Training curriculum that prepares small businesses for eligibility for the wellness tax credit

Up to 350 Massachusetts employers will be accepted into the program in three cohorts, with the first cohort beginning in October 2015.

  • Cohort 1: October 2015 Start Date
  • Cohort 2: April 2016 Start Date
  • Cohort 3: June 2016 Start Date

Who Can Apply

All Massachusetts employers who meet the following criteria may apply:

  • A Massachusetts for-profit, non-profit corporation or government entity.
  • Offer health insurance benefits to your employees.
  • The majority of employees (more than 50%) must work in Massachusetts.
  • Businesses must be in compliance with all legal obligations of employers including, but not limited to, those enumerated in Massachusetts General Laws (MGL), chapter 149, and with all applicable labor, licensing and tax laws (including MGL c. 149, MGL c. 151, MGL c. 151A, MGL c. 152).
  • Do not currently have a comprehensive wellness program. A comprehensive wellness program is available to all employees and includes: a plan for the program, assessment of employee needs and interests, awareness and education programs, behavior change programs, and worksite policies.
  • Have not received a seal of approval for their wellness program from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health under the Small Business Wellness Tax Credit Incentive Program.

All businesses and organizations interested in applying to Massachusetts Working on Wellness will be required to attend an informational webinar. The webinar will cover the basics of a comprehensive worksite wellness program, application requirements, seed funding information, and employer roles/expectations. To learn more about Massachusetts Working on Wellness, visit www.maWOW.org.

This information is provided by the Division of Prevention and Wellness within the Department of Public Health.