ALS is considered a reportable disease under Title 105 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR), Section 300.192: “Surveillance of Diseases Possibly Linked to Environmental Exposures.” The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is authorized to collect medical records and other identifiable information from health care providers and other persons subject to 105 CMR 300.000, and/or prepare data, as detailed in 105 CMR 300.190 and 300.191, on people evaluated for or diagnosed with ALS and other selected environmental related diseases.

Under Massachusetts General Law (MGL) Title 111, Section 24A, all information collected for public health investigations approved by the Commissioner of Public Health is strictly confidential and is not admissible as evidence in any legal proceeding. The statute also states that anyone providing information to a researcher approved by the Commissioner of Public Health shall not be liable for any damages related to that disclosure.

This information is provided by the Bureau of Environmental Health within the Department of Public Health.