Based on Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.) c. 111, §127A½, commonly referred to as “Christian’s Law”, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s (Department) previously issued guidance on Christian’s Law, the Department has promulgated regulation 105 CMR 432.000: “Minimum Requirements for Personal Flotation Devices for Minor Children at Municipal and Recreational Programs and Camps”, effective May 5, 2017.

The law and regulations only apply to swimming or diving areas at marine or freshwater beaches and explicitly exclude swimming pools, wading pools, and other artificial bodies of water.

In addition, the Department is issuing the guidance documents listed below, including the 2014 Department and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary “Fit Test” training video, to support compliance with the regulation, to provide associated best practices and to help assist municipal and recreational programs and camps implementing provisions of the regulation:

MDPH video for Christian's Law 


This information is provided by the Community Sanitation Program within the Department of Public Health.