Massachusetts General Law c. 111, §127A½, commonly referred to as Christian’s Law, was enacted on July 12, 2012 and went into effect on October 16, 2012.  The Massachusetts Department of Public Health [Department] is currently in the process of finalizing new regulations 105 CMR 432.000 “Minimum Requirements for Personal Flotation Devices for Minor Children at Municipal and Recreational Programs or Camps” to implement requirements in the law to have a system in place for having Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices (PFDs) available to non-swimmers and at-risk swimmers at municipal and recreational programs and camps.

The Department will present final regulations to the Public Health Council.  Once promulgated, all provisions of the law will be in effect.

Please continue to follow the “Christian’s Law” guidance provided by the Department.  A “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) document, two (2) swim test course descriptions and access to a new 2014 Department and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary “Fit Test” training video can be found below.

MDPH video for Christian's Law 


This information is provided by the Community Sanitation Program within the Department of Public Health.