The Community Assessment Program (CAP) within the Bureau of Environmental Health was established in 1987 to provide a coordinated government response to residents with environmental health concerns or questions. The program was established in response to recommendations made in the Report of the Study Commission on Environmental Health, 1984. The Community Assessment Program's goals are to educate the public on the relationship between the environment and public health, specifically between exposure opportunities to environmental contaminants and potential health risks; keep an open line of communication between the Bureau of Environmental Health and concerned residents; and perform preliminary analyses of environmental health concerns, including reports of suspected elevations in disease occurrence and potential relationships to the environment. The Community Assessment Program triages calls and requests for assistance for the Bureau of Environmental Health. Much of the preliminary work in the Bureau of Environmental Health is performed either by or in collaboration with CAP staff.


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Community Assessment Program
250 Washington Street, 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02108
Tel. (617) 624-5757
Fax (617) 624-5777
TTY (617) 624-5286

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