The Environmental Toxicology Program (ETP) provides exposure based health assessments through the evaluation of chemical and other contaminants detected in environmental media and through the analysis of human biomonitoring data.  The ETP provides staff support related to pesticide and fish toxics issues, and works closely with the Bureau’s Radiation Control Program to conduct environmental monitoring in Massachusetts communities that fall within the three Emergency Planning Zones of nuclear power plants in and near Massachusetts.  The program also takes the Bureau’s lead on evaluating health effects associated with climate change and conducting Health Impact Assessments (HIAs).  ETP also regulates beach water quality monitoring and performs toxicological assessments of environmental data provided by the MA Department of Environmental Protection, the U.S. EPA, and others in response to environmental exposure concerns.

This program is a part of the Environmental Health.


Contact Information

Environmental Toxicology Program
250 Washington Street, 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02108
Tel. (617) 624-5757
Fax (617) 624-5777
TTY (617) 624-5286

This information is provided by the Bureau of Environmental Health within the Department of Public Health.