Deleading Notification

You will receive a Deleading Notification Form in the mail with your Authorization Number. This form will include a list of three who must be notified before you begin work. The Notification Form must be completely and clearly filled out. Incomplete forms will be returned.

10 Day Waiting Period

If low-risk deleading work is being done on the inside of a non-owner occupied unit/apartment or in the common areas(hallways, lobbies, laundry rooms and staircases) of an occupied building, you must notify occupants and the agencies on the deleading notification form (located at the bottom of the page) 10 calendar days before any deleading work can be done.

If the unit is owner-occupied and the owner agrees or the unit is vacant, you do not need to wait 10 days to begin work . You must still send proper notification to the agencies located at the bottom of the deleading notification.

Deleading Invoice

You will receive a Deleading Invoice in the mail with your Authorization Number. After all of the deleading is complete, a licensed lead inspector will inspect the home for final compliance. The inspector will check to see that the work has been done properly. At this time the inspector will collect the filled out deleading invoice. Make sure all the information is correct on the form.

This information is provided by the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program within the Department of Public Health.