Pursuant to 105 CMR 120.020 and more specifically, CMR 120.026, all individuals in the business of installing or offering to install radiation machines or in the business of furnishing or offering to furnish radiation machine servicing or services must be registered prior to furnishing or providing any such service.

The above servicing includes the radiation machine related activities: calibration of radiation machines or radiation measurement instruments or devices; radiation protection or health physics consultations or surveys; and personnel dosimetry services.

Because the MRCP provides lists of consultants to the public, consultants providing any other type of service not described specifically in the section, should also register with the MRCP.

The following are not applicable to this section and will need to acquire a radioactive material license:

  1. Providing calibration services for radiation measurement instruments used in surveying or monitoring non-radiation machines (i.e. radioactive materials) or related items is not applicable to this section; and
  2. Providing decontamination services; and
  3. Radioactive material leak testing services.


Assemblers is historic term used to describe an individual who provided radiation services and/or servicing to radiation machines.

Registration and/or Licensure

  1. All consultants as defined in CMR 120.020 and 120.026 are required to be registered prior to providing services.
  2. The two (2) page application Form 120.020-1 and general information letter should be mailed to all individuals who wishing to become a registered consultant under 120.020 or otherwise. The application form and general letter are available in the applications section of the MRCP office.
  3. The appropriate fee should accompany all applications.

Operator Qualification

  1. Individuals providing Mammography Medical Physics support must meet the requirements of 105 CMR 127.013(A).
  2. Individuals providing Radiation Therapy Physics support must meet the requirements of 105 CMR 120.433(D).
  3. Individuals providing Teletherapy and High Dose Radiation Physics support must meet the requirements of 105 CMR 120.574.
  4. There are no other regulations regarding any of the other categories of consultants.
  5. The MRCP maintains, in the Consultants Database, the following categories of consultants for dissemination to the public:

    1. All registered consultants
    2. X-ray machine and associated meter calibrators
    3. X-ray machine installer
    4. Diagnostic radiology health physics services
    5. Dosimetry providers for employees working with radiation machines
    6. Mammography Medical Physics
    7. Radiation shielding
    8. Radiation therapy health physics
    9. Dump call
    10. Electromagnetic frequency and other non-ionizing radiations (ie. RF, MW, EMF, ELF, etc.)
    11. Other consultant (includes waste brokers & processor services)


  1. None


  1. Each registered consultant should send in their registration fee with initial application.
  2. Each registered consultant will be billed annually thereafter, in or around December; do not send money until invoiced.
  3. The initial and annual registration fee is $150.
  4. Exempt from billing are consultants providing:
    1. Only non-ionizing (i.e., EMF, RF, MW etc.) consultation, or
    2. Only Dump Transfer Station response, or
    3. Only Teletherapy / HDR physics consultation, or
    4. Only NIAT response (non-dump calls),
    5. Any multiple of the above, only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use a registered consultant to calibrate my radiation survey meters that will be used to measure radiation from radioactive materials?

No. The calibration section of 120.026 is pursuant to only radiation survey meters used to measure radiation levels around radiation [x-ray] machines. A Radioactive material license is required to perform calibration on radiation survey meters used to measure radiation levels from radioactive materials.

This information is provided by the Radiation Control Program within the Department of Public Health.