Introduction pdf format of intro-pages.pdf
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  • Editorial Board
  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • List of Acronyms
  • Important Reference Materials - How to Obtain Them
  • Important Telephone Numbers
  • Summary - Sequential Steps in the Investigation of Foodborne Illness Complaints and Outbreaks


Chapter 1: History and Trends pdf format of chap-1.pdf
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  • Background on Foodborne Illness
  • Foodborne Illness: A National Overview
  • Foodborne Illness: A Massachusetts Overview

Chapter 2: Disease Characterization pdf format of chap-2.pdf
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  • Characteristics of Viruses, Bacteria and Parasites
  • Classification of Foodborne Illness
  • Clinical Features of Foodborne Illness
  • The Carrier State

Chapter 3: Pathogenesis pdf format of chap-3.pdf
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  • The Digestive Tract
  • The Body's Defense System
  • High-Risk Populations
  • Infective or Toxic Dose

Chapter 4: Foodborne Illness Surveillance pdf format of chap-4.pdf
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  • Purpose of Surveillance
  • Historical Development of Surveillance
  • Information You Need to Collect
  • How to Collect Information
  • Reporting Issues: Timeliness, Priorities and Confidentiality
  • Using the Information Collected
  • Limitations of Data

Chapter 5: Foodborne Illness Complaint Action pdf format of chap-5.pdf
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  • Preparation
  • Receiving and Monitoring Foodborne Illness Complaints
  • Criteria to Determine if a Complaint is Valid
  • Expanding the Investigation
  • Notifying the Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Restricting an Infected Food Worker
  • Collecting Leftover Food Samples
  • Summary - Sequential Steps in the Investigation of Foodborne Illness Complaints and Outbreaks

Chapter 6: Conducting an Epidemiologic Investigation pdf format of chap-6.pdf
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  • What is Epidemiology
  • Conducting an Epidemiologic Investigation
  • Steps in an Epidemiologic Investigation
  • Submission of Clinical Specimens to the State Laboratory Institute

Chapter 7: Conducting an Environmental Investigation pdf format of chap-7.pdf
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  • What does the Environmental Investigation Entail?
  • Background to a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Risk Assessment
  • Application of HACCP Principles in a Foodborne Illness Investigation

Chapter 8: Summarizing the Investigation pdf format of chap-8.pdf
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  • The Report
  • Purpose of The Report
  • Outbreak Report Format
  • Examples of Reports


Glossary pdf format of glossary.pdf
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This information is provided by the Food Protection Program within the Department of Public Health.