The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Environmental Health (MDPH/BEH) released a health impact assessment (HIA) of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s (MassDOT) Grounding McGrath Study. A copy of the study may be downloaded by selecting the following link:

In addition, translations of the Executive Summary may be downloaded by selecting the following links:

The MassDOT Grounding McGrath Study was a transportation planning study to evaluate alternative designs to de-elevate portions of the McGrath Highway in Somerville, Massachusetts.  The Grounding McGrath HIA was conducted in tandem with the MassDOT study with the aim to provide supplemental health data to better inform optimal transportation design alternatives.

Background information on the MassDOT Grounding McGrath Study and meeting notes and presentations from the planning meetings of the Grounding McGrath Working Group, including updates on the HIA, may be found at the following MassDOT webpage: Grounding McGrath: Determining the Future of the Route 28 Corridor.

This information is provided by the Bureau of Environmental Health within the Department of Public Health.