What is DPH Care Coordination?

Experienced Care Coordinators are located in regional health offices in each part of the state. Care coordinators help families obtain services, providing links to community-based resources and providing consultation to parents, educators and medical and social service providers. Care coordinators partner with families and providers and promote continuity of care. Care Coordinators who are bilingual and bicultural (in Spanish) are available. Interpreter services are also routinely accessed to support families.

Care Coordinators provide:

  • Information and referral to community services;
  • Case-specific consultation to parents, educators, and medical and social service providers in home and agency settings.
  • Training in public benefits and local systems of care.

Services for Parents: If a child or youth has a special health care need — it can be difficult and frustrating to get the information, care, and services needed. Care coordinators can help parents to:

Coordinate medical, social and educational systems

  • Identify the changing needs of their child and family;
  • Understand the full range of available public benefits;
  • Identify community resources to assist them;
  • Gain access to specific programs and services;
  • Become more effective advocates for their child and family;
  • Connect with other families who face similar challenges
  • Plan for health care transition

Services for Providers: Medical, social service, and educational providers may be unfamiliar with or confused about benefits and community-based services available to children with special health care needs. Care coordinators can help these providers to:

  • Understand existing entitlements and how to gain access to them;
  • Obtain services and benefits for families;
  • Identify appropriate community-based resources;
  • Become better advocates for the families they serve

Target Population: Families with a child or youth (up to age 23) who has special health care and complex coordination needs and is experiencing difficulty in obtaining or maintaining services.

To determine eligibility for Care Coordination services, please call the Community Support Line at 1-800-882-1435 (toll free within Massachusetts).

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