• Parenting a Child with Special Health Needs

    Being a parent is a joyful, rewarding experience. At times, it can also be the most difficult and stressful job there is. You probably have a lot to do every day to meet your child's needs.
  • Taking Care of Yourself

    Raising a child with special needs can be tiring and overwhelming. It is okay to ask for help.
  • Getting Connected with Other Parents

    There are large networks of parents raising children with special needs. They use different ways to share information and support each other - talking to each other on the phone, writing email, and going to parent groups are just a few ways.
  • Resources For Parents and Families

    List of important resources for parents and families.
  • Recreation and Support for Your Child

    Making friends and participating in recreational activities is important for your child - just as it is for all children. Here are some suggestions that may help your child with making friends.
  • Connecting Brothers and Sisters: Sibling Supports

    Being a brother or sister of a child with special needs can be tough. Brothers and sisters may also need support to help them deal with the feelings and experiences of having a sibling with special needs.
  • Speaking Up for Your Child

    All parents need to speak up, or advocate, for their children to make sure they are treated fairly. Just as you speak up for your child on the playground or in school, you also need to speak up for your child's special needs. This means speaking up for your child's needs with health care providers, educational professionals, and health plans.
  • Communication

    You probably have a lot to say about your child's needs. It takes practice to learn how to communicate clearly and well. Use these tips for meetings, phone conversations, and writing letters about your child.