Talk to your child's primary care provider (PCP) about what to do when an emergency happens.

Create an Emergency Response Plan with your child's PCP, specialty health care, school, and home care providers. Take this plan with you on an emergency room visit and give to emergency medical services (EMS) providers.

The plan may include:

  • Medical information about your child

  • The name(s), signature(s), and contact information of your child's PCP and other important providers

  • Where your child should be taken in an emergency

  • Treatment that should be provided to your child in certain situations (including specific instructions and tips for emergency room staff)

Before an emergency, give a copy of the Emergency Response Plan and Emergency Information Form for Children with Special Health Needs to EMS providers in your local area. Keep more copies of the plan on-hand to give to emergency service providers during an emergency situation. Update the form as needed.