Counseling and therapy are provided in many different settings, including:
  • The Home
  • Community Health Centers
  • Schools
  • Churches and Religious Communities
  • State agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Private Offices

Your first step is to call a Member Services Representative at your child's health plan. Find out which mental health providers in your area accept that insurance. If you have decided to use health insurance to pay for your child's treatment, you must choose a provider from their list.

You may also want to ask people you trust for referrals. You may be able to get suggestions from your child's primary care provider (PCP), your child's school, your religious leader, your friends, and members of your family. You can talk with your child's teacher or school principal to get information about what services are available at school.

Contact the Parent/Professional Advocacy League (PAL) Parent Resource Network Line at 866-815-8122, 617-542-7860 for more information about mental health resources. Also, check the Family TIES Resource Directory for more mental health resources. The Boston Bar Association's Parent's How-To Guide to Children's Mental Health Services is another good resource.

Source: Adapted from Making Sense: A Parent's Guide to Mental Health Resources. Boston Public Health Commission.