Your child should leave the hospital with a written discharge plan prepared by hospital staff.The discharge plan will help to make sure that your child has the right support to stay healthy when it's time to leave the hospital.

The checklist on the next page can help you prepare for your child's discharge from the hospital. Some questions may not apply to your child's discharge plan. Use the checklist to make sure your child's discharge plan is complete.

Hospital Discharge Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure your child's discharge plan from the hospital is complete. Note that some questions many not apply.

  • Have you received written information about your child's current condition? Do you understand it?

  • Have you been trained on how to care for your child's special needs? Do you know how to care for your child in the case of an emergency (such as CPR, first aid, and other emergency care)?

  • Do you have prescriptions for all of your child's medications and services?

  • Have you been told about public benefits and services, and how to get them?

  • Have you had a discharge-planning meeting?

  • Has a home health care agency been identified? Has nursing coverage been confirmed?

  • Have you identified back-up caregivers (home health agency or others trained to care for your child)?

  • Have you talked about making your home accessible for your child? What type of equipment will your child need?

  • Do you have the supplies and equipment your child will need at home? Have you been set up with a durable medical equipment (DME) provider? Has a delivery date been set?

  • Has an Emergency Response Plan been developed? Have your child's community providers been contacted (including your child's primary care and specialty providers, local hospital, and ambulance provider)?

  • Have public utilities (such as electricity, gas, water, etc) been contacted about your child's needs? Has your child been put on a priority list to restore utilities during emergencies?

  • Have you discussed the importance of getting support for yourself (from family, friends, community, house of worship, etc.)?

  • Do you have referrals to other programs and services, such as: DPH Care Coordination, Early Intervention, community agencies?

  • Has your child's school been contacted?

In order to download a copy of the "Hospital Discharge Checklist," click on the link below:

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