When your child takes many medications, keeping track of them can be tricky. Ask your child's primary care provider (PCP) or pharmacist to help you get organized. Here are a few tips from other parents:
  • Try to arrange to have the same refill date for all prescriptions. This reduces phone calls and trips to the pharmacy.

  • Check with your child's health plan about using a mail order pharmacy. If your child takes a prescription medication on a regular basis, you may be able to get more medication at a time and with less hassle.

  • Buy a pill organizer that has space to hold your child's medication for each time of day and each day of the week.

  • Keep track of medications on the Medications form in Chapter 1. To prevent problems with medications, bring this form with you to all medical appointments.

  • Tell all of your child's providers about every medication your child is taking, including:

    • Prescription medications

    • Over-the-counter medications

    • Vitamins

    • Nutritional supplements

    • Herbal remedies

Tips to help your child take medicine

Ask your child's PCP about using different forms and flavors of medications. Ask about:
  • Pills that need to be taken only one time per day

  • "Quick dissolve tablets"

  • Capsules that can be opened and mixed in food

  • Flavored syrups

Tip: Many employers offer Flexible Spending Accounts for medical expenses (including over-the-counter medications). It is a way to set aside pre-tax income for medical expenses. Ask your employer about Flexible Spending Accounts.

Tip: Keep track of your child's medications on the Medications form in Chapter 1.

This information is provided by the Division of Perinatal, Early Childhood, and Special Health Needs within the Department of Public Health.