• Introduction to Early Intervention Partnerships Program Data and Statistics

    Birth Certificate data indicate that a significant portion of Massachusetts infants who may need but not have access to systematic, statewide health programs and services. Specifically, in FY01, 5,188 of the 80,884 births were identified by their birth certificate as having one or more defined characteristics which placed them at risk for a health or developmental delay, yet they were not eligible for statewide initiatives such as the Healthy Families program for first time teen parents, nor did they readily qualify for Early Intervention. These families are reliant on local initiatives for interventions and support, and the availability and quality of such services vary widely from community to community, with some communities having few if any. Of infants who were referred to Early Intervention in FY01, 1,049 were initially screened or assessed out of the program. Of these, 10% were re-screened and deemed eligible within a year. The largest referral source for these families was the pediatric health care provider, which seems to suggest that there were significant health or environmental risk factors or developmental delay to warrant clinical concern.
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