Family members are encouraged to be active participants in every component of Early Intervention service delivery. On an individual level, family members are involved in determining and participating in services for their child and family. On the program level, families are encouraged to advise and participate in the development and monitoring of policies, procedures and practices. Family members may choose to participate in these advisory functions as part of a group or as individuals.

To ensure comprehensive family participation, all members of the EI service team share responsibility for providing an environment in which such participation can occur. Early Intervention programs provide multiple and varied opportunities for family participation that ensure responsiveness to the diverse needs and interests of the families in the service population and enhance the collaborative nature of service delivery.

Family Involvement across the broad Early Intervention System is a core value of the Massachusetts EI system. The Early Intervention Parent Leadership Project (EIPLP), a parent-run project of the Department of Public Health, supports families to get involved and develop lifelong leadership and advocacy skills. For more information, contact the EIPLP at 1-877-353-4757.


Key activities identified in the performance measures of the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant

Comment on Early Intervention policies, procedures and practices and key activities of the Early Intervention Parent Leadership Project and Maternal and Child Health Block Grant

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