Types of Services

Children and families receive individualized services, in accordance with the functional outcomes identified in the IFSP. A range of options, including home visits, center-based individual visits, community child groups, EI-only child groups (These child groups may include parents), parent groups and services of specialty providers is available to all families. Intervention is designed to include the child, staff member(s) and parent or designated caregiver. The parent is encouraged to participate in services. If family circumstances preclude such participation, this is documented in the child's record and alternative communication strategies developed.

Who Provides Services

Services are provided by a professional and dedicated team, which includes the child's family. Depending on the child's needs, an EI team may also include professionals from the following disciplines: Developmental Specialist, Physical Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Nursing and other specialty service providers. The child's medical provider is considered a valuable member of this team.

Where and how are services provided?

Services are provided in the natural settings for the child, as determined through the IFSP process. Natural settings may include the child's home, childcare centers, family childcare homes, and other community settings. Serving children in natural settings helps them to participate more easily in their everyday activities and with their peers.

Specialty Services


This information is provided by the Early Intervention Program within the Department of Public Health.