The Office of Specialty Services is focused on ensuring that children with particular conditions are identified at a young age and then have access to appropriate intervention. Children who have a hearing loss, vision loss, deafblindness, children who have complex medical needs or multiple disabilities, or an Autism Spectrum Disorder are all part of this group. Although these children may not seem to share many traits, they are grouped together because they may need attention from professionals with specialized training to address the particular needs of each of these diagnoses. The office oversees policy development, standards and monitoring of specialty service providers, and provides technical assistance, training and consultation to program staff, families, community collaborators and other state agencies around specialty service issues.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Deaf and Hearing Loss

Vision Loss

Collaboration, Specialty Providers, and Early Intervention

Information for Providers

This information is provided by the Early Intervention Program within the Department of Public Health.