Pre-Planning Conference Call

The EI staff will a hold a conference call before the onsite focused monitoring visit. The staff will discuss the program to be visited, reasons it was chosen, data to support the decison to visit, and the history of corrective action and training for this program. The information that will be requested from the program and DPH EIIS for the desk audit meeting will be determined from this call.

Desk Audit

Prior to an onsite visit the monitoring team will meet to review information gathered about that particular program. Available data may include previous monitoring reports, any formal and informal complaints based on discussions with the Director of Office of Family Rights & Due Process, EIIS data, SDR, Contract Performance Measures, etc. from DPH and policies and procedures submitted by the individual program. The outcome of the meeting will be to hypothesize why the program has been chosen for this indicator. The hypotheses will drive the components of the onsite visit.

Planning and Scheduling

The EI Program Director will develop a plan along with the Team Facilitator to decide the best methods for gathering information from families, staff, and community partners prior to the on-site visit.

The plan will also include the following information:

  • DPH will provide EIP with metered envelopes and letters to be sent to families notifying them of the upcoming onsite visit and the ability to call the EI Parent Leadership Project toll free line to contribute information or ask questions
  • Families will be able to participate in the Focused Monitoring process through interviews scheduled during the onsite visit

The DPH will assist in identifying resources to meet the language capacity needs of families interested in participating.

Onsite Visit

Components of the visit will include meetings with program administrators, file reviews, as well as interviews with parents, staff, and community partners. However, each on-site visit will be unique. The goal of the focused monitoring onsite visit is to inform the DPH and gather information about program practices that will help guide the DPH in making policy decisions. Priority areas of focus may change from year to year

At the end of each day during the on-site visit, the team will meet with the program director to review findings and confirm visit components.

Post Audit Date

The onsite team will share information with other staff within the DPH who have expertise and knowledge about information gathered at the program onsite visit. Approximately 2 weeks after the completion of the focused monitoring onsite visit the onsite team will return to the program to gather any additional information and/ or to conduct the exit interview.

Exit Interview

The focused monitoring team will meet with the program director to summarize the results and discuss any need for corrective action or improvement planning.

Focused Monitoring Summary Report

Within one month (30 business days) of the exit interview, the focused monitoring team will send a letter/report to the program summarizing the results and findings of the visit. Recommendations for corrective action plans will be requested at this time.

If a corrective action plan is required, EIPs will have 60 business days in which to respond. (See Corrective Action Plan (RTF) rtf format of corrective-plan.rtf

Follow Up Visits

As needed, a member of the focused monitoring onsite team will be available to provide technical assistance and support, and make an on-site visit to verify the data reported in the corrective action plan and progress updates. This information may also be used as part of the data verification visits.


This information is provided by the Early Intervention Program within the Department of Public Health.