Massachusetts Focused Monitoring

Stakeholders Group

A stakeholders group representative of the broad range of persons involved in the Early Intervention system including Lead Agency Staff, ICC Chair, provider and parent representatives, ICC representative for the Low Incidence Committee is responsible for advising the lead agency on the focused monitoring process as well as changes made to that process.

Indicators and Selection Measures

Annually the DPH staff will analyze priority areas and data to select programs for onsite visits.

The Focused Monitoring Schedule

The schedule for selection of onsite Focused Monitoring visits is as follows:

In May of each year DPH will analyze data and make onsite selections based on Priority Areas and Data Sources. In June and July EI programs will be notified of the annual onsite monitoring schedule. The number of programs visited each year will change depending on the number of priority areas.

Focused Monitoring Team

Focused Monitoring teams are comprised of Parents and Regional EI Specialists. The Parent Team Coordinator will facilitate the team's activities based on data that is submitted and reviewed prior to the visit . Regional EI Specialists and two Parents will participate in the onsite protocols and information gathering process to formulate a final report.


This information is provided by the Early Intervention Program within the Department of Public Health.