Ten Things to Do Before Submitting your Portfolio

  • Keep a good sharp copy of your portfolio for your own files.

  • Number the pages exactly as required on p. 18 of Certification for Early Intervention Specialist/July 2002, reprinted November 2008 (The Green Book). Every page is to be numbered in the upper right hand corner. Entry 1/Formal Knowledge Sources, for example, would be numbered (starting with the required cover sheet) 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 and so on.

  • Double check that you have followed the instructions for each entry before copying and submitting.

  • Check that each page of each copy is clear and legible - dark enough to be read, and readable at the margins.

  • Make sure your original and all copies are exactly the same as each other, including page order, page numbering, redacting, work samples and so on.

  • In Entry 1/Formal Knowledge Sources, make sure your evidence is either an official college transcript (original or copy) OR a certificate from the Early Intervention Training Center. No other transcripts or certificates will be accepted.

  • On your Entry 1/Formal Knowledge Sources grid, make sure the column "Page # of Material Attached," (far right column) is filled in for each competency indicator.

  • In Entry 2/Professionalism sign your self-evaluation somewhere on the first page, and write the date on which the self-evaluation was completed.

  • In Entry 2/Professionalism, make sure your review refers to an article, chapter, book or report published within five years of your date of portfolio submission.

  • In Entry 3/Depth of Practice, clearly label your additional work samples: e.g., on the top of the page, write Work Sample #1; Work Sample #2, and so on.

This information is provided by the Early Intervention Program within the Department of Public Health.

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