Year 1

Set aside file for all documents

Complete Self-evaluation

Become familiar with Competency Areas and Competency Indicators

Start gathering documentation for Entry 1: Formal Knowledge Sources

  • Obtain official transcripts
    • What courses addressed what competency indicators? Gather documentation
  • What other inservices, courses, workshops, conferences have you attended that address competency indicators?
  • Apply for Competency Education Credits (CECs) through the Early Intervention Training Center
  • Plan to attend inservices, courses, workshops, conferences that will address the remaining indicators

Year 2

Become familiar with Entry 4: Breadth of Practice

Make sure you have experience with children and families you need to highlight in this Entry

Consider children and families for whom you serve as service coordinator; begin considering which you might highlight in Entry 3: Depth of Practice

Consider what you are doing or could do as a contribution to the field (Entry 2: Professionalism)

Year 3

Entry 1: Complete formal knowledge grid

Entry 2: Read and write response to current research; obtain current performance evaluation or supervisor letter;

Complete contribution to the field

Entry 3: Write narrative; gather IFSP and additional work samples

Entry 4: Gather work samples and write cover sheets


This information is provided by the Early Intervention Program within the Department of Public Health.