Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) mandates that states maintain an infrastructure that monitors and supports an effective service delivery system. A Comprehensive System for Personnel Development (CSPD) is the component of the law that describes a state's responsibility to assure the quality of personnel providing supports and services to families.

The CSPD provides for the preparation of personnel from a variety of disciplines to meet the requirements of Part C. The CSPD ensures that training provided relates specifically to:

  • understanding the basic components of Early Intervention services in the state, including the provision of services within the context of the child's and family's natural environment;

  • meeting the interrelated social or emotional health, developmental and intervention needs of eligible children under Part C; and

  • assisting families in enhancing the development of their children, and in participating fully in the development and implementation of IFSPs.

The CSPD document includes goals regarding recruitment, preparation, qualification, and retention of EI personnel.


This information is provided by the Early Intervention Program within the Department of Public Health.