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    Health Transition Resources for Parents and Caregivers

    Preparing your child to advocate for his needs and make his own decisions.

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    Health Transition Resources for Youth & Young Adults

    Providing you with tools and support for making important health decisions.

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    Health Transition Resources for Healthcare Providers

    Supporting your patient’s move from the pediatric to adult health care.

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    Health Transition Resources

    Transitioning from the pediatric medical home to the adult medical home.

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    Community Support Line

    800-882-1435 FREE

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Youth & young adults with special health needs may have more complex health histories, severe medical conditions or disabilities than typically developing children. This may limit their functioning and impact their ability to move smoothly from the pediatric to the adult health care system.

The transition to adult providers generally occurs between the ages of 18 - 22, although the timing of the transition process should be individualized based on the youth or young adult’s developmental level, the complexity of his or her chronic condition(s), and the readiness of the youth or young adult and family to begin the planning process.

The characteristics of the current medical home and the ability to identify a suitable adult medical home should be taken into consideration. A good medical home provides health care and related services that are coordinated, comprehensive, community based, patient-centered, accessible and culturally competent.

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Community Support Line, toll free (within Massachusetts) 800-882-1435 or 617-624-6060.

This information is provided by the Division for Children & Youth with Special Health Needs within the Department of Public Health.