MassCARE (Massachusetts Community AIDS Resource Enhancement) is a statewide program which provides access to coordinated, comprehensive, family-centered, culturally and linguistically competent medical care, social service support and peer services for women, infants, children and youth living with HIV and their affected family members. MassCARE promotes early identification and enhances available care in a community-based setting with an HIV medical home approach. It is funded under Part D of the Federal Ryan White Program and is located at Federally-qualified community health centers in five sites.

Key Components of MassCARE

  • Medical and care coordination services offered by a multidisciplinary team of health care providers
  • Access to HIV-related medical care, clinical trials, primary care and support services in a community-based setting
  • Case management, including care coordination to ensure HIV positive infants, children, youth, and women are linked to early HIV care and support services
  • Technical assistance to help providers provide high quality care to pregnant women and adolescents who are HIV positive or at-risk for HIV infection
  • Peer Services, including one-to-one and support groups for HIV positive women and youth
  • Transition services for youth, including health care transition
  • Consumer Programs for women, youth and families
  • MASSSTYLE ( Massachusetts Success Through Youth Leadership & Empowerment) for youth
  • Annual Family Health & fitness Fair
  • Regional and statewide consumer activities

MassCARE Community Sites

  • Brockton Neighborhood Health Center
  • Family Health Center, Worcester
  • Lowell Community Health Center

MassCARE Consumer Programs

  • MassSTYLE, Youth Program, Next Step, Cambridge (for youth and families)
  • Federation for Children with Special Needs, Charlestown (for women and families)

MassCARE’s target population who are eligible for services are women of childbearing age, infants, children and youth living with HIV and their affected family members, and those at risk, especially youth.

MassCARE Newsletters

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Contact Information

Sandra Broughton, Director, MassCARE
Bureau of Family Health and Nutrition
250 Washington Street, 5th floor
Boston, MA 02108
phone: 617-994-9819
fax: 617-624-5990
email: Sandra.Broughton@State.MA.US

This information is provided by the Division for Children & Youth with Special Health Needs within the Department of Public Health.