MASSTART (Massachusetts Technology Assistance Resource Team) is a free collaborative service that helps families and schools plan for the health care and safety of children and adolescents with special health needs, especially those assisted by medical technology. By ensuring safety in school for children with complex needs, MASSTART supports the educational goal of placement in the least restrictive setting. Consultants in each region have been chosen for their extensive experience providing health care services for children and adolescents with a wide range of technology needs.

Regionally-based contracted MASSTART programs work collaboratively with the Department of Public Health to:

  • Provide consultation to school personnel and families to plan for entrance into school of children assisted by medical technology
  • Work with schools and families towards resolving issues by developing skills, knowledge, and confidence of school personnel to meet the needs of children with special needs
  • Train school personnel to understand and meet special needs of individual children and adolescents
  • Assist in the development of children's individual health care plans and emergency plans for school
  • Conduct educational programs and training programs
  • Provide information, referral and community resources concerning services for children and adolescents assisted by medical technology

Our target population is Massachusetts children and adolescents who are assisted by medical technology or have complex medical needs; Massachusetts health care providers, school personnel, early intervention providers, and community agencies working with children and adolescents with special needs.

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Denise Guilbeault
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
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Tewksbury Hospital
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