State Performance Measures and FY11-12 Key Activities

  • ALL State Performance Measures (Word) doc format of act-spm.doc

  • SPM 01 (Word) doc format of act-spm01.doc
    The percentage of pregnancies among women age 18 and over that are intended.

  • SPM 02 (Word) doc format of act-spm02.doc
    With technical assistance from MCHB, develop an MCH measure for emotional wellness and social connectedness across the lifespan at the individual and systems levels by July 2011.

    To view the new State Performance Measure 02 and its checklist, click this link: SNPM 02 Word doc format of snpm02.doc

  • SPM 03
    Currently, Massachusetts has no state performance measure #3

  • SPM 04 (Word) doc format of act-spm04.doc
    Percent of women with a recent live birth reporting that they had their teeth cleaned recently (within 1 year before, during, or after pregnancy)

  • SPM 05 (Word) doc format of act-spm05.doc
    Percent of School Based Health Center clients for whom an assessment for intimate partner/teen dating/sexual violence was done.

  • SPM 06 (Word) doc format of act-spm06.doc
    Develop an MCH healthy weight measure that aligns with MDPH's overall strategy for promoting healthy weight across all populations.

    To view the new State Performance Measure 06 and its checklist, click this link: SNPM 06 (Word) doc format of snpm06.doc

  • SPM 07 (Word) doc format of act-spm07.doc
    The rate (per 10,000) of hospitalizations due to asthma among Black, non-Hispanic, and Hispanic children aged 0-4.

  • SPM 08 (Word) doc format of act-spm08.doc
    The rate (per 100,000) of motor vehicle deaths among youth aged 15-24 years.

  • SPM 09 (Word) doc format of act-spm09.doc
    The percent of high school students having missed a school day due to felling unsafe at or on the way to school.

  • SPM 10 (Word) doc format of act-spm10.doc
    The percentage of adolescents reporting no current use (in past 30 days) of either alcohol or illicit drugs.

This information is provided by Family Health and Nutrition within the Department of Public Health.