Stories from Parents

Douglas' Story: Father Expectations and Child Development

Douglas' Story: Father Expectations & Child Development (WMV) asx format of douglas.asx

Carolee's Story: Family Planning and Adoption

Carollee's Story: Family Planning & Adoption (WMV) asx format of carollee.asx

Isabella's Story

Isabella's Story: Family Violence and Healthy Relationships (WMV) asx format of isabella.asx

Maria's Story: Maternal Depression

Maria's Story: Maternal Depression (WMV) asx format of maria.asx

Wanda's Story: Substance Abuse

Wanda's Story: Substance Abuse (WMV) asx format of wanda.asx

Stories from Providers

Ava's Story: Premature Birth and Parent Supports

Ava's Story: Premature Birth & Parent Supports (WMV) asx format of ava.asx

Jane's Story: Birth Control and Family Planning

Jane's Story: Birth Control & Family Planning (WMV) asx format of jane.asx

This information is provided by the Pregnancy, Infancy and Early Childhood Division within the Department of Public Health.

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