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Welcome New Parents!

Congratulations on being a new parent! The Massachusetts New Parent Initiative (MNPI) is here to support you on your journey into parenthood. This website is here to provide you with information, tips, resources, and stories from new parents and providers. Click on the for parents link below to get started.

    Inside, you'll find stories from new parents, resources in your community, information on infant development, and common questions to ask your health care provider.

Welcome Providers!

The Massachusetts New Parent Initiative (MNPI) has created tools aimed at supporting early parenting practices and helping parents transition into parenthood. Click on the for providers link below to get started.

    Inside you'll find digital stories from new parents, a discussion guide on how to use messages from parents, and resources/referral sources in your community.

This information is provided by the Division for Perinatal, Early Childhood, and Special Health Needs within the Department of Public Health.