Care for Yourself:
A Happier Healthier You is What Your Baby Needs Most

Make Time for Yourself
"My provider told me to take time for myself, like reading a book or going to the salon. She said just taking time for me is just as important as taking care of my baby"

Leave the House
"I often take my baby out for a walk, the fresh air and change of scenery does wonders"

Pamper Yourself
"I took a hot shower and it washed away my stress and helped ease my aches and pains after giving birth"

Take a Nap
"Sleep is hard to come by so when my baby takes a nap, I take one too. I feel healthier and more like me"

Share Your Experiences:
We can all learn from each other

Accept Help When Offered
"When my sister offers to babysit I always say yes. I'm always happy to have her help out"

Survive the Long Days
"I ask my friends to come over for a 'night in' instead of going out. Laughing with them helps me let go of some of the stress"

Talk to Your Provider
"When I was pregnant, I was afraid I might get depressed after my baby was born, so I asked my provider for help and was connected to a great therapist"

Join a Parents Group
"Joining a mom-baby support group connects me with other mothers in the same situation. They help me realize I'm not alone and that it's OK to make mistakes"

Bond with your baby:
Enjoy a healthy lifetime connection

Be Patient
"I had a hard time bonding with my baby at first. My provider assured me it would happen in time. She was right"

Talk to Your Baby
"You may think your baby doesn't understand you, but by talking or reading aloud to your baby, you'll build a stronger connection"

Try Infant Massage
"My provider showed my how to do infant massage. This helped calm my baby and we felt closer"

Cuddle Your Baby
"I learned how to wrap my baby in a swaddle blanket, which helped my baby to feel safe and secure"