Two moms talking to each other on couch.

Have you noticed a change in personality or behavior of a loved one who is a new parent?

Do you suspect that she or he has postpartum depression and wondering how you can help?

Provided below are resources on information and tips for how fathers/partners and family/friends can support a new parent who has postpartum depression. For more information about signs and symptoms, visit General Information about PPD on the DPH website.

If you are a new father and have not been feeling yourself recently, learn about the signs and symptoms of paternal postpartum depression on the General Information webpage.

New fathers whose partners experience postpartum depression are at higher risk of developing paternal postpartum depression. Learn more about paternal PPD, treatment, and resources.

General Tips

For Dads/Partners

For Family and Friends

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This information is provided by the Pregnancy, Infancy and Early Childhood Division within the Department of Public Health.