Summary of MDPH Requirements and Activities

The MDPH shall:

  • Develop standards for measuring effective screening for post partum depression
  • Make recommendations for health plans and health care providers for data reporting specific to post partum depression screening
  • Issue regulations that require providers and carriers to annually submit data of screening for post partum depression
  • Issue and submit an annual summary including best practices and effective screening tools no later than June 30th each state fiscal year

Additional MDPH Activities

MDPH has convened, in order to meet these legislative requirements in partnership with Massachusetts health care providers, a working group comprised of experts and stakeholders to advise the Department in the development of these standards, recommendations and regulations. As these regulations are developed and promulgated MDPH will keep you informed of progress, through updates to the website.

As of December 14, 2011:

  • The MDPH in collaboration with the PPD Legislation Implementation Working Group have developed and disseminated widely the PPD Standards for Effective Screening and Recommendations for Data Reporting.
  • The MDPH continues to work with health plans in Massachusetts to identify a specific billing code that is universally utilized and accepted for the identification of a PPD screening through the All Payer Claims Database (APCD).
  • The tasks for the next year for the MDPH include:
    • Promulgate the regulations requiring health care providers and health plans to annually submit data of screening for PPD.

    • Finalize and obtain approval for the PPD page on the MDPH website where all information related to this legislation can be made available to the public.

    • Complete an inventory of currently available educational materials and referral lists specific to PPD.

    • Develop an electronic data system within the MDPH for the collection and analysis of PPD screening by health care providers and health plans.

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